13 July 2007

petroleum products are cozy

this picture will probably make my friends at green parenting cringe. cosmo has recently learned to fall asleep on his own...meaning he no longer requires nursing or motion in order to drift off into dreamland. however, he now requires cuddling up to a sippy-cup (or two, or three). he doesn't always drink from them, he just needs to have one near, and protests if i try to take it away. he has also taken an interest in michael's reiki bear, the firsts plush toy he has ever bonded with. sometimes he will toss the bear, but the water bottle is always in hand. his favorite bedtime reading at the moment is a book of classic mother goose nursery rhymes. i've been enjoying trying to uncover some of the history behind them. song of sixpence apparently has something to do with pirates. who knew? cosmo just likes the part where the blackbird "snaps off her nose."