29 January 2008


cosmo spontaneously grabbed the harmonica as he took to the keys today. this was my favorite of the clips i shot.

if you haven't already, you can see more videos here.

17 January 2008

downward frog

cosmo put these frogs in the downward-facing dog pose. it is one of his favorites. he puts his playmobile figures in this pose sometimes too.

12 January 2008

cookie doh

as some of you know, i struggle with nostalgia. i am aware of its dangers, and i know to be suspicious of it when it pops up. but sometimes, i cave in. and having a child allows me to indulge in certain behaviors i had shunned in a previous time. things like celebrating xmas, for example. with cosmo i find that i want to recreate the warm and wonderful parts of my childhood. when i was pregnant, one of the first things i did was order children's books on ebay, from parent's magazine press from the 1960's and 70' s. books i had as a child. i also purchased a bunch of cookie cutters from a yard sale one saturday, with tish and michael, when i was 8 months pregnant. i was dreaming of making sugar cookies with my child, like i had with my mom. last year, i made cookies and crackers with those cookie cutters, and i just couldn't wait 'til the day when i could do this with cosmo.

that day came today. he helped every step of the way. he broke the egg into the dough, and offered to taste test throughout the process. he said he was scared of the mixer, but he didn't really act scared. he stuck with me. we put the dough in the fridge while he took his nap, and i told him as he was laying down that we'd be making cookies when he got up. the first thing he said when he woke up, rubbing his eyes, was "cookies." so we went right to it. i rolled out the dough, and he and i cut out the shapes, and put them on the cookie sheet. he has a stool to climb up on to see what we are up to in the kitchen, and he always wants to be in on it. he'll start dragging the stool over to the counter, saying "see! see!" he really loves to watch popcorn popping through the glass lid.

cosmo, naturally, loved the cookies, but he practices moderation, and we still have some left. i'm pretty sure he liked the process of making them.
for me, it was a dream come true.