10 October 2011

make another garden

we are renters, but we tend to act like we own the place. give us a yard, and we will make gardens! here are some shots of the latest:

we've enjoyed a great fall harvest from these bush beans, started in mid july. we've even had enough for pickling, and they are still coming.

the chard was transplanted from our old place, along with many perennial herbs and flowers. herbs are something i hate to purchase at the store. those little overpriced packets of aging leaves can't compare to taking a few steps out the door to snip a few sprigs from my own plant. i am happy to finally have successfully transplanted all of mine.

we've enjoyed fresh lettuce and arugula for a good month and a half now, the carrots are almost ready. they always taste sweetest after a frost.

i have done everything in my power to have a lush spinach bed in the spring. i got this one started in late august, it is now firmly established, and when the frost comes, i'll cover the bed with a heavy layer of straw. at the first glimmer of spring, i'll pull the straw off, and have early spring spinach. spinach is probably my favorite of the leafy greens. i have never grown an adequate amount to satisfy my craving. hopefully, this is the year!

next we'll plant the garlic, and start on terracing the rest of the side yard to build beds for next year.