13 June 2008

wlb gadget of the year award

okay, so i don't really have a gadget-of-the-year-award system here on this blog, or any award system at all, frankly, but i have been so impressed with this simple set of useful objects, that i had to make a blog entry about it. and besides, it's green, and using it will reduce your carbon footprint! honest! i swear! well, it will reduce the amount of plastic wrap you use, IF you use plastic wrap at all. it can also save on dish washing, which saves water, and energy used to heat water, not to mention human labor. and...it can keep your food stored in the ceramic, porcelain, glass, china, metal or wooden dishes that you serve food in, rather than in plastic tupperware, rubbermaid, recycled yogurt tubs etc. there is concern about toxic chemicals leaching into food that is stored in plastic. these handy bowl bonnets, as i like to call them, while made of plastic themselves, allow one to simply cover any dish, and stick it in the fridge (the food doesn't touch the plastic). they are so easy to use, and can be washed and used over and over and over again.

my grandmother used these when she was alive. i remember them from childhood. i kept seeing them hanging from those little racks they insert onto various shelves throughout the grocery store-- not really in the household object department, but just scattered around, so you see them, and buy them on an impulse. they are cheap, so i finally decided (on an impulse) to get some, about a year ago. they come with 5 or 6 bonnets in a packet, of various sizes, (one of them makes an excellent shower cap for cosmo's baby doll) and the range of sizes is perfect for keeping large or small amounts of leftovers in the fridge. they are flexible enough, with the elastic bands, that each size fits a number of different dishes, so there's less searching for that elusive lid to match the container. plus, they are quite adorable, in an old-fashioned sense.

i love them. if i had ads on this blog, i would want to have an ad for these.
i found some online here, here and here, but i bet you can find them in your grocer's aisle. not sure which aisle, just keep your eyes peeled.


MaGreen said...

wow! i'll keep my eyes peeled. they seem very handy

MEP said...

Oh, I definitely need these. I drive myself crazy trying to find lids to match containers, plus scratch my head at my practice of moving leftovers from dishes and into such containers. I also attempt to re-use containers of Cool Whip and sour cream for leftovers, but then forget what's inside and assume it's Cool Whip or sour cream.

I will definitely have my eye out for these at the grocery store.

Actchy said...

I'm sold, particularly because they apparently double as shower caps for dolls.

(Shower caps are arguably the most hilarious household items in existence. I find them silly, but probably because I'm tall enough that if I want to shower without washing my hair, I simply refrain from doing a painful backbend into the water.)

bethany said...

we actually call them 'shower caps' in our house... although, my favorite (and green) method is always: an appropriate sized plate on top of the bowl.. and it makes them stackable, too.