20 August 2008


cosmo's first day of pre-school.
he's going for a couple of days a week. he was a little shy at first, but quickly got into the swing of things. i love that we can walk, or ride the bike, and his teachers are great.

first cantastrophe.
we were canning a bunch of roma tomatoes that i got at the farmer's market (16 pounds for $10!) and one of the jars broke when we put it into the boiling water bath. we aren't really sure why it happened. either the glass had a flaw, or it had cooled off too much while we were packing it with tomatoes...? anybody have any other ideas? the rest of the tomatoes turned out fine though.

first boat ride.
cosmo got to go out on a boat on lake lemon. the woman who owns the place that shawna is renting has a pontoon boat that she lets her tenants use. shawna even taught cosmo how to "drive" it.

first night away.
cosmo spent the night with justin and shawna while carl and i went up to indianapolis. he said he missed me, but he never got upset about it, and had a great time making marble mazes with justin (it's safe to say that marble mazes, of any kind, are cosmo's most favoritest thing right now). the first night away was probably harder on mama than it was on cosmo.

first bowling outing.
we went to the bowling alley on campus. naturally, cosmo loved it. they had a ball ramp and some bumpers to fill in the gutters, so he could actually hit some pins now and then. his favorite part though, was the track where the balls came out.


Robin said...

Wow! August has been a big month for you guys!

Sehba Sarwar said...

great photos. go cosmo! you're growing up fast. thanks for great updates

MEP said...

16 pounds of tomatoes for $10!?! I am envious. There is a green market in my neighborhood, but I would have to take out a second mortgage to buy 16 pounds of tomatoes there.

I continue to be so impressed by your canning. You are going to be eating well all winter. Speaking of Eating Well, are you familiar with the magazine? I quite enjoy it.

I enjoyed reading about all of the "firsts" and am thinking my bub would enjoy some bowling. Thanks for the idea.

Also, thanks for the popcorn tips in your comment to me! I had not thought of the wine/popcorn combo, but I will try it soon.