19 November 2008

and so it begins.

as we pulled into the driveway yesterday, cosmo says to me,

"it's all yours mama."

"what?" i ask, bewildered.

"yours. it's all yours." he says, matter of factly

"what's all mine?"

"fault. it's all your fault, mama."


Abby said...

oh yes. for the rest of our lives. :)

Actchy said...

Hm. When this happens to me, I usually blame it on Charles.

MEP said...

I think "and so it begins" when, in response to my queries about his morning at school, my Bub answers, "It was good, mom." He is content to leave at that and always I press for more details. Who read the story? What did you eat for snack? Did you play with Felicia? What songs did you sing? He humors me now. But I worry someday, "It was good mom" will become "Fine" and even "I don't want to talk about it" or "Leave me alone." Eeks!

Marcia said...

This made me laugh because Cosmo's buddy Carrie is so attached to the words My and MINE that she won't permit me to take responsibility for anything! If I apologize and announce that it's my fault something happened, she screams, "NO, MAMA, IT's MMMMYYYYY FAULT!"

Michael said...

OMG: This is so hillarious. I'm reading this after having missed therapy yesterday. No, it isn't ALL your fault, Kayte! It'll just always seem like it. When are you coming down south?