20 December 2008

last minute

a quick photo blog before we head off to colorado, for our second christmas.

this "local orange" was given to us by sarah bentley, in houston. it made the road trip up to indiana, where it wasn't local anymore, where carl and i savored its sweet juices. thanks sarah.

making xmas cookies for neighbors.

supplies, and our charlie brown christmas tree, with presents.

cosmo made these bookmarks (with mama's help), for loved ones. it's one of those ideas i found in one of the mommy magazines.

and, lastly, cosmo throwing himself into his work again, making a tummy impression in his playdoh.


mep said...

I love all of your photographs, as per usual. I am especially fond of those bookmarks.

mep said...

I meant to add my warmest holiday wishes to you and yours and many good things in 2009.

I appreciate you and your blog so much.