10 January 2009

production line

here's a short little clip of cosmo painting some thank you cards.
i wish i could be this efficient in my own work.

and here is an example of what happens when mama doesn't respond right away (because she is recording, and doesn't want her voice to be in the video).


Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me the free-spirited way that kids make art (I'm wound up so tight that I feel like I create art like a robot).

LOL! Kids are nothing if not persistent in trying to get your attention.

Abby said...

HA! Avery still does that...it's like they are a skipping record until they get some feedback! It's hard to believe that they go from this to being teenagers who will grunt at us, and roll their eyes.

cake said...

yeah, i've been really wishing for that day when he's got stuff going on that doesn't involve us, where he just goes off, and plays and doesn't need our constant feedback. but then it hit me yesterday, before long i am going to be struggling to get his attention.