03 April 2010

april showers

this morning's rain couldn't keep us from the first outdoor farmer's market of the season. cosmo got a honey straw, and made his traditional visit to the spiral fountain. since the water hasn't been turned on yet, it was actually nice to have the rain.

harmony school student's were having an art show next door, and i was quite impressed with a number of the pieces shown. these delicately crafted wire and paper structures were suspended from the ceiling with golden balloons and fine thread.

here's cosmo, slipping ever-so-carefully, between two configurations of paper airplanes, moments before getting scolded by one of the harmony teachers. i can see why he was concerned. it was a fragile piece, but cosmo understood that, and was passing through without touching anything. the gentle breeze he generated, actually enhanced the work, in my humble opinion. but then, i have always been a fan of art installations that invite interaction.

tomorrow is easter, and we are ready with dyed eggs, and anticipation of our neighbor's annual egg hunt and polka party. i wonder if the cops will be called again this year?


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how the Farmers Market went yesterday with the blowing rain...I was worried for the vendors that their booths would be blown away.

Hey, that's Hunter's Honey Farm, isn't it? I always buy from them because that family is so very nice.

Cool installation art!

Cops and egg hunt/polka parties go hand in hand, don't they? ;)

julie said...

I love how you can see the teacher running towards Cosmo in the background of the photo! Did he freak? Cause Willow and Syd would have freaked. They're aren't big fans of confrontation like I am.