09 June 2010

why i garden

i garden for many reasons. digging in the dirt, fussing over baby plants, just flat-out makes me happy. there's also the deep satisfaction that comes from raising my own food. it gets me outside, enjoying the elements and working my muscles. we save money on produce, and decrease the amount of processed-packaged-shipped-from-far-away-food that our household consumes. but i think the number one reason, is cosmo.

i like that he sees me gardening, observes the growing plants throughout the season, and sometimes, he even helps out. but what pleases me the most is how much he enjoys the food, fresh off the vine. cosmo loves fruit, but vegetables are a much harder sell for him. unless he can pick them himself. he'll grab spinach leaves and pop them into his mouth.

he adores fresh, raw, peas, hand-over-fist.

and even broccoli and broccoli leaves. this year, we taught him how to cut a broccoli stalk, but he regularly strolls through the garden, and stops to nibble the leaves. such a sight fills this mama's heart with joy.


Anonymous said...

It's so cute the way Cosmos goggles up peas! Speaking of broccoli, did you see my FB email to you? :)

mep said...

Great photos with the green shirt, the green garden, and the green lifestyle!

E... said...

I loved this post. I have dreams that my little patch by the side of the house is going to inspire all kinds of miraculous things at my house. Mostly I really just like poking around amongst green things.

julie said...

The girlies love to eat kale and basil straight from the garden. One of the most difficult parts of our community garden has been to discipline them that they may NOT eat of the fruits of any garden plot but our own. And the other gardens always look so tasty!!!