09 August 2010

seeing red

i'm drowning in a sea of red over here, people. seriously. i may need an intervention.

even my nikki mclure calendar is mocking me (again).

we've got heirlooms, and canners, and romas and two kinds of cherries.
we have canned whole tomatoes, salsa, ketchup and catsup.

we have dried cherry tomatoes, and made them into sauce, and tomato paste. we have fresh ones every night with dinner, and the vines are still loaded out there.

these are all plants that i started from seed, and planted in that layered, sheet mulched bed i made last fall. my goal was to grow enough of our own tomatoes to can them, rather than buying a box at the farmer's market. next year, i think i will scale it back a bit.


mep said...

Was it when you began making ketchup AND catsup that you suspected there were too many tomatoes?

These tomatoes will be such a gift all year long!

Alli said...

Wow! What a bounty! I wish I was there to help you out! I need to learn all of your wonderful recipes and techniques! I hope my plants give me at least a small bounty this year.

julie said...

Nom. We bought the canners from the farmer's market, but I don't think that they're going to get canned, what with me eating a GOODLY amount every day.

Maybe I'll can the peaches...

Anonymous said...

We got our tomatoes in later this year due to our travels, so we've yet to do our first batch of canning. We have, however, already dried about tons of cherry and grape tomatoes (to about 8 qt bags).

We still have over 10 qt jars of tomato sauce that we canned from last year; but dh says it's good since some years, the harvest won't be as bountiful and we'll have the previous year's stock to hold us over. :)

Malke said...

Oh my gosh! So gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected by dh: we have 24 qts and 8 pints of tomato sauce left over from last year's canning efforts. Yes!!