28 May 2011

oh, the places we go

cosmo has seen the world.

disney world, that is. and he will never be the same again. before his papa in texas generously planned a trip for the whole family (cosmo's aunts, uncles, cousins) i am not even sure that cosmo KNEW about disney world, or disney land. he's watched some disney shows, and a couple of movies...he has even played on the playhouse disney website.

but i don't think he really had a notion of what an amusement park might be like, let alone the happiest place on earth.
so, in the months preceding the trip, we did a little prepping, to make sure that he would get maximum enjoyment out of what will most likely be his only trip to disney world. julie helped us find a kid's guide to disney world at the library book sale.

though it was from 2004, it was still relevant, and allowed cosmo to read about the place, and plan for some of what he wanted to do while he was there. he read that book backwards and forwards, studied the maps and made lists of rides he wanted to go on, and attractions he wanted to see.

nothing can really prepare you though. that place is somethin' else!

though i know cosmo had a blast, and will never forget it, it was also simply exhausting for him. the late night at the magic kingdom, fighting the crowds to see the parade and the fireworks show was difficult for him to recover from, even though we let him sleep in the next day.

he fell asleep in the middle of the day almost every day we were there. he was lucky that justin was willing to carry him around because i could not pick him up due to back trouble, and he is just too big for a stroller (though he did at one point find his way into his little cousin's stroller, and attempted to nap at the epcot)

he also enjoyed occasional breaks engaged in familiar pastimes such as arcades time, and bonding with the littlest cousin over itouch games.

the "wild rides" we went on (splash mountain, mission space, astro blaster) were just right for him, and not too scary.

his favorite ride (depending on when you ask him) was either splash mountain or spaceship earth (the one inside that big ball at epcot). what he liked about that one was the part where it opens up into a sort of planetarium at the top of the bucky ball, and you can see an image of the earth, as if you are in outer space. he was blown away by that.

the one thing that he really had his heart set on, more than anything at the major parks, was the miniature golf course. cosmo is obsessed with mini golf, and the options around here are pretty pathetic. i think this one is called mickey's fantasia gardens, and it is located near one of the resorts, but there is no bus that goes right to it.

we had to take a cab (also pretty exiting for cosmo). no one else in our party wanted to join us for the mini golf, which is too bad because it was awesome. no lines, no crowds, peaceful. and, because it's disney, cool things happen on the course--

like an elephant shoots water when you make it in the 5th hole, and when you walk under the brooms with buckets, you might get a little splash. it is all perfectly maintained, and well designed to be both challenging, and doable.

free passes were included in our packets, so we didn't even have to pay to play. it's the one part of the trip that cosmo is still talking about. i overheard him telling a friend about the squirting elephant just the other day.

two weeks ago, we headed out to columbus for a spontaneous sunday day trip. we haven't been to the children's museum there for a couple of years, and it is a nice drive.

we stopped in nashville for lunch and a game of scrabble. the museum was fun, especially the bubble room.

but after that we ventured across the street to the newly constructed commons. wow.
it's basically an indoor public park. high ceilings, flooded with natural light, and all the latest in indoor safe-but-fun playground equipment. there was one of those netted high climbing structures (like they have at wonderlab), and the whole floor was padded. the place was mobbed with kids of all ages running around screaming and having a blast.

cosmo jumped right into the fray, and seemed to have a smile pasted onto his face the whole time we were there. it was amazing for lots of reasons: the acoustics were perfect-- somehow all that screaming was not unbearable, though it was really crowded, it never seemed unsafe, and, most surprising, it was free, and there was nothing for sale inside. weird.

we'll be moving in july, and will have a whole new neighborhood to explore. other than a possible camping trip to the indiana dunes, and a trip to colorado in august, we'll probably stay fairly close to home this summer (oh, but did i just catch wind of a possible holiday world adventure for cosmo with justin and shawna?)
what exciting travel adventures do you have in store?


Malke said...

I'm putting Columbus on my list of summer plans!!! It sounds even better than (gasp!) Disney World/Land...!

TeresaR said...

I guess better that he went at his age than when he's 16 and totally creeped out by the whole thing (hmmm, was I projecting?). :}

Oh, I need to email you to drop some stuff off to you...

Alli said...

I went to Disney World when I was 12 and loved it! Although at the time there was only the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Centre (dating myself a little...). Did they still have space mountain? That was my fav roller coaster! It's indoor and in the dark. The only thing you can see are little stars. It was VERY fun but I was denied to go on a second time because the line up was over 2 hours long!

I am glad he had fun! The mini golf looked like the best part for sure! :)

kathy said...

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