16 January 2006

baby's first thesis review

milestones for last week:
cosmo is getting better at holding his head up, and he has been practicing his "baby push-ups."

he attended his first thesis review at the rice school of architecture, and even got a sort of champagne toast from Lars, the dean. his robot shoes were a big hit with the fashionistas.

the next night Cosmo attended his first art opening at CSAW (commerce street artists warehouse). it was a great show, and he got to meet some talented artists and friends. we enjoyed a small birthday celebration for vicki in her studio.

my favorite of all Cosmo's recent milestones however, is the cultivation of the full body smile. nowadays, when he is gazing up at his mobile, or even looking at me, or one of his friends, he begins to giggle, coo, and wiggle his whole body in a pure expression of delight and joy. it is a marvelous thing to witness.


MaGreen said...


i'm anxious for an update on Cosmo & cake...


GreenDaddy said...

me too. i want more, more, more.