23 May 2007

in the meme time

i got tagged by the other mother to do a post that lists 7 things about me that you might not know. ok, i'll bite:

1. i have moved 28 times in my life. no, i am not an army brat. only 8 of those were during childhood.

2. i like to put semi-sweet chocolate chips in my cheerios. with the milk, the texture contrast is fantastic.

3. in my early twenties, i lived on a women-only land trust for 2.5 years. we had no electricity, and only a trickle of running water. i learned how to chop wood, grow vegetables, identify wild plants, preserve food, read by candlelight and many other things. i learned how difficult it can be to live by consensus decision making.

4. i worked as a plumber's helper for a few years, mostly on large scale, industrial construction sites. during the summer, the hours were 6am to 3pm.

5. i once got hired 10 different times in one year. i never got fired.

6. if i were stranded on a desert island and allowed to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, i would choose avocado sushi cut rolls-- complete with soy sauce, pickled ginger and lots of wasabi. i am certain i could live on that. happily.

7. though i live with my share of clutter, i am a fiend for organizing. i love to sort things into containers, i love containers. i collect old suitcases and store things in them like photos, letters, videos, maps. my art supplies are logically divided and stored in labeled bins on a shelf in cosmo's room. it helps me to manage my pack-ratism.

ok. there you have it. that's my 7. now i tag chuck, magreen and greendaddy.


MaGreen said...

you totally made me want to try these avocado rolls which i've steered away from in the past since i don't like seaweed. but mabye i'll give it another try...

i am definately not a consensus fan, either. i just put up a post and greendaddy has one in the drafting stage, so we'll get to the meme this weekend.

chuck said...

i am astonished by the chocolate chip cheerio breakfast. i can't stop thinking about it and i can't believe i didn't know.

eflows said...

I have no functional blog, so here are my seven:
1) I studied Sanskrit for a semester in college, and Classical Greek for a full year in grad school;
2) I lived in Berlin before the Wall fell, and something I spray-painted on the Wall appeared in a book (without my knowledge until after the fact);
3) I seriously dislike dogs;
4) Robert Hunter (the Grateful Dead lyricist) helped me get a story published in 1996;
5) For one week in 1980 I was the guitarist in the Darby Crash Band (I'll smoosh in two musical things here: Jeffrey Lee Pierce, the leader of the band Gun Club, was a close friend in high school and we had a band called The Melted Orange Crayons that played a couple of high-school parties);
6) I can't stand to read William Faulkner or Henry James;
7) I used to have a valid California bus-and-truck license, and I drove one of those huge school buses for three summers when I was in college. Like Otto.

chuck said...

wow -- like, darby crash from the germs? that's rad!

eflows said...

Yes, that Darby Crash. I auditioned for him in his rathole Hollywood apartment and then we drank Lowenbrau and watched a psychedelic biker movie while his ridiculous girlfriend bleached his mohawk.

I quit after a week because I realized I wasn't going to drop out of college for this. There was another one after me, then Pat Smear took over temporarily. A few montsh later he killed himself.