27 February 2008

crank it

i have blogged about making pasta before. we haven't done it in awhile, not sure why exactly, since it is pretty easy, and very tasty. i decided to make some sunday. after i got the dough ready, and was setting up the hand-crank machine, cosmo came in and wanted to "see."

i showed him how to crank the handle, and he really got it, so we let him try it with the dough. he did great! he stood up there on that stool and cranked for 30 passes of rolling, plus 6 passes with the cutters. it was a lot of work, and he did all of it. all we did was guide the dough, and hang it up.

we don't have the elegant hanging area that we did at our old place, so we had to resort to hanging the noodles in the bathroom, which worked fine, and cosmo thought it was pretty funny.

he seemed really proud of his work, though sadly, he didn't eat much of the cooked noodles.

(BTW he's wearing pajamas in these photos because he was a little under the weather, and hadn't been out all day)

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Actchy said...

I was wondering about the pajamas...