13 March 2008

spring fresh

the wonderful thing about living in a place with seasons is that just as you are beginning to tire of the way things are, they change. august and september were really hot and unbearable. then, autumn winds blew in, the air turned crisp, leaves fell off the trees. snow is beautiful and fun to play in, but the cold gets old too. i'd been getting a bad case of cabin fever, and then...miraculously, signs of spring start popping up around the yard. we've had some warm days this week, spending more time outside. the park was absolutely mobbed with people yesterday afternoon. we all had the same idea: what a gorgeous day, let's go play!

i thought spring might be a good time to give my blog a new look. i've wanted to customize it since the day i started it. today, i finally took the plunge. the header image is from one of cosmo's water colors. i still hope to do some tweaking, but i am happy to have made the changes.

i also started a garden blog.


Robin said...

The new banner is lovely. I'm into white websites lately. Although having said that, I realize that I just converted Big Window into charcoal grey. Where's your garden blog? xo

marcia said...

love the watercolor banner and orange font!