27 December 2008

note(s) to self:

  1. plan to arrive at the airport TWO hours before the flight leaves, rather than one (in order to allow for unexpected changes of location of park-n-fly lots, and so forth).
  2. ship gifts to family ahead of time, rather than packing them in your luggage.
  3. don't share ideas (such as felted soap) with your crafty, 11 year old, nephew before the holidays (in order to avoid duplicate, extended family gifting).
  4. visit only one set of relatives per holiday season.
  5. be sure to take the compost outside before leaving town.
  6. take hand-held/self-portrait-style family portraits more often.


Heather said...

What a cute family!!!!!


mep said...

I love how each of your notes to self suggests a longer, more entertaining narrative and yet already tells us all we need to know.