17 April 2009

sing a song of arugula

we harvested a second round of arugula from the salad box on the porch, and some from the cold frame/hot box out in the yard. the first round was just thinnings, mostly micro-greens. this time, they were all proper arugula leaves. to celebrate, i had to make the dish that led me to fall in love with arugula in the first place. carl's brother made a version of this for us last year. it was so tasty and so simple, we've been making it every chance we get.

the dish has 3 major ingredients:

pasta(excuse the lack of focus, it's not easy photographing steaming pasta)



once you have your arugula washed and trimmed, peel a few potatoes, cut them in half and slice them about a quarter inch thick. steam them lightly, but don't fully cook. start the pasta water. heat up some oil in a skillet (preferably seasoned cast iron) and brown the potatoes on both sides. when your pasta water boils, pour in the pasta, and cook as indicated on the package. by the time the pasta is done, your potatoes should be nicely browned. drain pasta, and transfer to a large bowl. add the potatoes and arugula. drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, toss and serve.

the heat of the pasta just barely wilts the arugula, which is all it needs. the pasta and potatoes can stand up to arugula's intensity. if you aren't already a fan of arugula, you will be after this.


Abby said...

Oh this looks amazing! I LOVE arugula, and I'm going to have to have Scott try your recipe. I have garden envy. With the shop, and the craziness we've had this year, we haven't started a garden...I don't know that we will. Bummer.

meow said...

duly noted.

Actchy said...

Hm. I never would've thought to put potatoes with pasta. Really?

mep said...

I just had a wonderful salad with arugula, beets, gorgonzola, roasted shallots and some other good stuff. I've got arugula on my mind.

The pasta dish looks amazing, and I will try it though, unfortunately, without home-grown greens.

julie said...

That sounds delicious. Next year, if my Gardening for Dummies year goes well this year, I, too, am going to have a cold frame and eat arugula in April.

You're like my gardening zen master, you know.