07 May 2009


for mother's day, i'll be participating in a show called artists/mothers, in houston texas. it's a multi media event, including readings, performance, video and visual art, put together by sehba sarwar, at voices breaking boundaries.

i won't be attending in person, but i'll have a virtual presence via skype, and i have sent some water color images of coral polyps (and the algae who love them) that i've been working on for the wonderlab. i'm hoping to encourage connections between motherhood and symbiotic relationships that occur elsewhere in nature.

i know personally, almost all of the women participating in the show, and greatly admire their work. i feel truly honored to be in such company.

if you're one of my houston readers, take my advice and don't miss this show.


julie said...

Motherhood as symbiosis. I totally get that.

Malke said...

I love the symbiosis idea as well...I'd love to see some of your work!

Anna said...

Be sure to let us know when we can visit your work at the Wonderlab! And this reminded me of something I saw last week, which I think you'll appreciate: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/poetryeverywhere/nye.html

cake said...

that is a beautiful piece, anna. thanks for sharing it.

also, i am thrilled that the idea of motherhood as symbiosis wasn't lost. i felt weird explaining it more. luckily, i didn't need to.

i'd like to post photos of the drawings/water colors, but i haven't succeeded at reproducing them digitally, yet.

i'll let you know when they show up at the wonderlab.