25 June 2009

monkey swing

our next door neighbors have a rope swing that has been a lot of fun for cosmo and sylvan to practice swinging, and strengthening upper body muscles. cosmo and i got a long, red rope at biglots one day, and kevin (again, with the wonderful next door neighbors!) came over with the extension ladder, and got it tied to a tall branch in the silver maple tree.

a rope with knots is wonderful, but little arms tire rather quickly. carl tried tying a loop at the bottom, for a foothold. better, but a bit difficult for cosmo to do on his own.

our friend and neighbor, alan, suggested i make a wooden circle seat for it. i wasn't sure how comfortable that would be, or if i have the tools to cut a circle. i thought i'd just be on the look-out for something suitable.

the next day, we came home from some outing, and situated on the end of the rope was a plastic circle, just right for a little butt to sit and swing. alan had drilled a hole in one of those seats they make, for 5 gallon buckets. i don't have a good picture of the seat itself, but maybe you can tell from cosmo's face, it is perfect (or as cosmo says, "it's just the right thing").

cosmo cannot get enough. he swings on his own, but really loves it when we give him an "underdog," and swing him "super high!"


Heather said...

Oh man, I lived for the underdog swing when I was a kiddo. Yay for a new summer swing.



P.S. You have motivated me! I am gathering together various canning equipment needed so that I am ready when the cucumbers and peaches and tomatoes come on. You may get some panicked emails from me....

bethany said...

yr making me want to leave the city and all its wiles behind in a big way...

Malke said...

You guys are having one awesome summer over there on the other side of the park! :)

julie said...

That looks awesome! Although I do have a deep and abiding suspicion of silver maple trees.

Come over here anytime you need a circle cut--I have saws coming out of my ears.

cake said...

heather, i am so excited that you are going to try canning!


bethany, if i had to pick a big city to live in, i'd probably pick yours! but small town life IS sweet.


malke, come on over to our side of the park anytime! or, we could meet in the middle. at the park!


thanks julie, i will keep that in mind. i honestly don't even know if it is a silver maple. it is some sort of maple, and the leaves look a bit silvery?