12 January 2010

family dance

only in bloomington would there be a big, family-friendly dance in the middle of winter, right in the neighborhood, in the gymnasium of harmony school. it was sunday afternoon. it was cold. it is not easy to get cosmo out of the house in such weather. but i am so glad we did.

live music, easy, group dances, led by a gentle woman, who clearly knew what she was doing.
the place was packed with adults and children of all ages, sizes and abilities. the repetitive nature of the dances allowed everyone to pick things up at her own pace, and the entire event was about having fun. not about showing off dance skills, or even learning to dance. it was about community, and inclusion, and running around in a big space, in the dead of winter with family and friends.

cosmo was intrigued at the beginning, but didn't want to hit the dance floor right away. after one dance, i pulled him out there, held him, and swung him round and round at the "swing your partner" part. he giggled with glee, and was in for the rest of the time. he clung pretty close to carl and i, refused to partner with anyone but us, but he did participate and declared afterwards that it was "really fun." i know we will be going to the next one (and, i will bring my camera). if you live in town, hope to see you there.


Malke said...

I'm really glad you guys came, too! I remember when I went to my first contra dance (social dancing similar to what we did at the fam dance) just out of college. I couldn't believe how much fun it was, and how much great energy there was in the room! The next dance is Feb 7th, and then March 7th.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was just what you guys needed to shake the winter doldrums! :)

mep said...

Sounds completely wonderful. Can't wait to see pictures after next time.