16 June 2010

take me out

baby's first ball game, courtesy of NANI! texas rangers vs. tampa bay rays.

there were peanuts and cracker jacks, hot dogs and ICE COLD beers (for the grown-ups).

he doesn't know a lot about baseball, but once cosmo realized there was a score board, he wanted to know exactly what was going on at all times, and, most importantly, "is texas gonna win???"

he root-root-rooted for the home team, and lucky for us, they won! they even scored three home runs, complete with fireworks.

he got to stay up 'til eleven (that's midnight our time) for the second night in a row, which meant he was NOT ready for the ft. worth zoo the next morning. it's hard to keep up with nani, but a nice nap on the car ride back to her place, and he was ready for more fun.

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mep said...

I could really enjoy a stadium hot pretzel and cold beer right about now!