19 November 2011

beyond banana bread

i don't actually remember how i came across this, but the ingredient list and images of the the finished product appealed to me, so i printed it out and waited for some overripe bananas to show up in my life. about a week later, they came-- literally to my doorstep, from a neighbor-- so i knew it was time to try the recipe.

let me tell ya folks, it did NOT disappoint.


i am not even a big fan of banana bread. this is no ordinary banana bread. super moist, with a tender crumb, the chocolate makes it decadent, the lemon makes you forget it's banana bread, and the olive oil and whole wheat flour make it wholesome, arguably, possibly even good for you. bake it in a ring pan, and it feels like a fancy cake.
i urge you to try it the next time you have mushy bananas to deal with.
i used whole wheat pastry flour, and just used regular choc. chips, because that was what i had on hand. i also used orange zest instead of lemon, which was okay, but i bet it's better with lemon. you can find the recipe here.


TeresaR said...

I'm really not a big banana bread fan, but will have to try this on your recommendation...whenever we actually buy bananas again (because I'm not a banana fan either).

mep said...

I am a HUGE fan of banana bread and will totally give this recipe a try. I have about a dozen overripe bananas in my freezer because someone told me I could freeze them if I didn't have time to use them right away. Here's hoping that's true!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a fun birthday celebration!