27 December 2005

another measure of personhood

when i posted the photos of Cosmo's first smiles on yahoo photos, i sent this in an email:

"For the Navajo, a baby does not become a full person until he smiles, and on that day, there is a ceremony. Yesterday, I believe Cosmo cracked his first smiles. What do you think?"

Well, there is another measure of personhood in this country, or maybe it is called citizenship...today Cosmo received his Social Security card. he is less than 5 weeks old, and he already has his official number


MaGreen said...

Lila caught up w/Cosmo in mid-January. She also has a number that she's not supposed to carry around with her.

cake said...

did she sign the back of her card?

Robin said...

The Navajo custom is very cool. I love that idea.