09 June 2007


we are going on a little trip to kentucky. we will be visiting carl's brother out in the country. we love to travel together and i'm looking forward to it. i won't have a chance to blog about some things i have been planning to, but i wanted to share some photos of a couple of bags i felted. one is a gift for dominica, who just turned one. cosmo liked hers, so i decided to make one for him too. he enjoys putting things inside, peering into it, taking them out, and he likes to grab the handle and whip the bag around wildly. hopefully the photos will give you a sense of what i am talking about. happy summer!


chuck said...

that boy needs a straw hat and a giant lolly to complete his outfit.

marcia said...

love the purses. my brother and his family raised their own sheep in Ohio and had a felting business out of their barn/house for many years.

Robin said...

Let us know when you get back!