07 March 2009

fair weather blogger

my garden blog has been neglected all winter. it only makes sense, right? what is there to write about? my indoor herb garden died sometime in december. the cold frame was a bust. 'nuf said.

but now, it's spring! at least it felt that way today. i got my hands dirty, and wrote about it.

for more garden news from cake, check out rake shovel hoe.


Anonymous said...

I keep wanting an indoor herb garden, but dh keeps talking me out of it. He's convinced it wouldn't work...guess he's right. :}

We were lucky enough to harvest stuff from the cold frame most of the winter...dwindled down to some spinach and cilantro though.

Anna said...

You may already be familiar with Susan the Foodie Farmgirl, but I thought I'd mention her kitchen garden blog, in case you'd like to peek in.

I really enjoy her~ just thought I'd share! :)