03 March 2010

indoor sports

cosmo started soccer lessons this week, at the city parks and rec's indoor facility. he took to it right away, ran out onto the field with no hesitation, and started kicking a ball around. for most of the other group activities we have tried, he's a bit more reluctant. i guess he is ready now.

they had a number of activities focused on the olympics for the past two weeks at his pre-school, and we watched some hockey, and other sports on tv. as if on cue, our family fun magazine arrived, with an idea for making a soccer field out of a pizza box, and using straws to blow a cotton ball into the goal. cosmo instisted on looking through the whole magazine with me, and every other page he would say "we should try to make that sometime!" the soccer box project looked like one of the easier ones, so we ordered pizza for dinner one night, and i saved the box. i failed to line mine with green poster board, as suggested, but did mark it with some white electrical tape i had on hand. we found the cotton ball to be harder to move, and not nearly as funny as a tiny craft chick (made, i guess, from a snippet of fluffy pipe cleaner, with some little bits glued on to make it into a chick-like-thing).

prior to this construction, carl and cosmo had transformed the dining room table into a make-shift air hockey table. they used a marble instead of a puck, on account of cosmo's fondness for marbles. the edges were lined with blocks.

i hope these indoor sports can hold us over until some true spring weather hits. i am so ready to get back on the bikes, and into the garden.


Malke said...

I love the "air hockey" table! What a great idea!!!

Alli said...

Great Ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

PS. Although I too am late I haven't forgotten about the exchange!! :)

mep said...

Looks like fun. I now have a plan for our next Dominos box.

My little guy is also a fan of flipping through magazines (usually cooking ones as we don't get Family Fun) and pointing to things he wants to make some day.

Anonymous said...

You are such a great mom: I remember when my kids were actually brimming with enthusiasm, and half the time we never made what they wanted to make...on the other hand, I still have that hand-drawn Anakin Skywalker mask I made for ds1. Ok, I feel better now. ;)

That's a very cool make-shift air hockey table!

Actchy said...

Awesome. I hope I can remember these ideas when Acey is old enough for them. Because I am fairly sure I wouldn't come up with them on my own.