21 May 2010

garlic scapes!

it has been too wet to work in the garden. for days and days and days it has been too wet to work in the garden. but, in spite of my absence (or, possibly because of it?) the plants just keep on growing and doin' what they do. one of the most exciting things right now is the garlic sending up scapes.

these funny looking things want to be the seed heads for the garlic plant, but i pull them off as soon as i see them, so that the garlic bulbs underground will grow plump and wonderful. when i see the scapes, i know the garlic harvest is getting ever closer. this makes me giddy. plus, you can cook with them. last year, i made garlic soup. this year, i think i will try roasting them with some other vegetables. we have also harvested the first pea pods. or, i should say, cosmo has. carl and i have to be quick, and vigilant to get any of those precious gems.

anything interesting popping up in your garden?

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Anonymous said...

Boy, it has been wet, wet, wet. We've harvested lots of asparagus, spinach, lettuce, radishes, and choi sum. We're running out of ideas for radishes though. You want any radishes? :)

I've not checked on the garlic and need to ask dh how they're doing. I think it's funny whenever I post photos of our garlic harvests (100+ heads) and people ask us what on earth we do with all that garlic. Um, eat them? They can't seem to process that the garlic harvest has to last us nearly the entire year. Right now, after running out of last year's batch and before the new batch is ready, we have had to buy garlic from Bloomingfoods, which kind of makes us sad.