09 May 2010

mother's day joy

cosmo's pre-school class had a special mother's day program on friday. this is the first such event i have experienced as a mom, and, not surprisingly, i sobbed through a good portion of it.

the kids had made several adorable pieces of artwork for us, including a portrait of mom. mine had bright pink hair, and was the most detailed figure cosmo has made, so far. he's not one for representational drawing just yet. of course, i was touched by the portrait, and the caption "i love my mom because she goes to the store with me." we enjoyed some punch and muffins, and the kids performed a few songs for us:

when it was time to go, there were tears and pleas from the children. i finally wrested myself away, and since i was on my bike, i didn't have a good way to transport the artwork. i was about to leave it in cosmo's cubby when our friends offered to drop it by our house. i accepted, but when they arrived, the portrait of me (the one with the pink hair) was missing. i sped back to the school, to make sure it was still there, and hadn't blown away outside, or something. it was nowhere to be seen. i looked around outside, called my friends for more information. when they didn't answer, i went to their house. they searched the car again, told me where they had parked, and said they'd go back to look. it was a very windy day.

i hurried back downtown, and combed the intersection, trying to imagine all the places the wind could have taken an eight and a half by eleven sheet of construction paper, with a drawing of a mom with pink hair on it. i was unreasonably distraught at the thought of losing this precious memento. i couldn't believe i had turned it over to someone else. i was getting close to giving up, when i got a call from carl, saying that our friends had just dropped the drawing off at our house. they had found it somewhere near where they had parked, on kirkwood. i never saw them down there, but didn't care. the drawing was found, that's all that mattered.
i'd photograph it, but some of the lines are too light to show up. trust me, it is heartbreakingly adorable.

happy mother's day!


Alli said...

I am so glad you got it back! My mom kept a bunch of my drawings from when I was Cosmo's age. They are a wonderful keepsake.

Happy Mother's Day!

Bossy Betty said...

Oh, I get it! Nothing like it is there? I sobbed through many of my children's grade school experiences!

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful mom! I can just imagine your distress at losing that picture. Cute video of the kids in Cosmo's class! It reminded me that my kids would never perform when they were in PDO. Ever. In fact, I think I have a video of ds1 refusing to sing and dance.

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

The Empress said...

Oh, you two look SO VERY MUCH ALIKE!!! Do you see it?

Lena said...

The video is marvellous! I have a huge smile on my face. I love the tongue bit....!

mep said...

Can I tell you how happy I was that this post ended with the drawing being found?

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to a mom who inspires me, truly.