10 November 2010

for the love of brussel

this is what i was dreaming about on february 12, 2010.

that's when i planted the brussel sprout seeds, under a grow light in the basement.

we finally had some for dinner, two nights ago--almost 9 months later!
how they made it into those little tiny, tightly-packed cabbage balls, considering all the pests and drought the season thew at them, is a mystery to me.

i have a few wasps to thank, for keeping the cabbage caterpillar population under control (plant dill & fennel to attract them to your garden).

they are so yummy when they're fresh, and i've heard that the ones that come from california aren't as sweet, because they never go through a frost. ours have, and you can definitely tell.


Anonymous said...

I won't eat store-bought brussel sprouts, but homegrown ones are pretty amazing. Dh's not grown them in a few years though. Well, this year's a wash for fall plants. We were gone for so long and for so much dry and cold weather that our kohlrabi and kale have bit the dust and the broccoli probably won't make it for much longer. Your sprouts are beautiful!

mep said...

I LOVE brussel sprouts. Went out to eat this past Thursday at an Asian restaurant and had the most delicious brussel sprout salad. I'm sure your homegrown ones are even better!

Malke said...

Fairy cabbages! Yum!!!