07 November 2010

NYC [in a day, on a shoe string]

my dear friend from grad school is getting married.
it's a big deal.
they live in brooklyn.
the wedding is in jersey.
we are flat broke.
we go to the wedding.
we drive.
we camp in the hills of western new jersey.
there is miniature golf and an arcade.
the wedding is lovely.
cosmo cuts a rug on the dance floor.

(not our campsite)

next day, we take a train to the city.
it rains.
there is a long elevator ride to a foggy view.

(like a seasoned commuter)

the MOMA is mobbed.
never mind, there is art all around.

and subway rides.
and hot dogs.
deli counters.
news stands.
a small dog in a rain coat.
a bike made of bamboo.
and a long car ride home.

(congratulations l + s)

(special thanks to alan, for loaning us the iphone, so cosmo could play doodle jump. it came in mighty handy.)


tish said...

looks super fun! i want a hot dog, and bike made of bamboo.

dig this chick said...

oh I love New York...

Susan said...

I LOVE that you camped. Great blog! Makes me want to start mine up again. We'll have to get together for coffee sometime to discuss kids, design, and mama blogging. :)

Malke said...

What a beautiful post, probably my favorite of your ever!!! :)