15 December 2007


cosmo kept saying "da-no" for dominoes, and we were getting confused, so i tried to teach him how to say the word. here's how it went...

mama: cosmo, say "dah"
cosmo: dah!
mama: ok, say "me"
cosmo: me!
mama: good, now say "no"
cosmo: no!
mama: great, now say "dah me no"
cosmo: mommy no!

funny how those words just roll off the tongue...


chuck said...

what a rascal!

Anonymous said...

I a have completely messed up my contact lists. PLEASE send me your new mailing address. I LOVE reading your beautiful blog posts. AND I miss having you guys around.

cake said...

i'd love to send you my new address, but i don't know who you are? shar? i can only guess.

cake said...

update: by the way, by the next day, cosmo had domino down. he places a lot of emphasis on the "DAH" part, but he now says it all the time. he'll basically try to say any word at all now. it is so much fun.