10 December 2007

musgrave love

our farmer's market is closed for the season, but they had a special scaled down version out at musgrave orchard just a few miles from town. we drove out on a frosty morning to check it out. there wasn't much produce available, (compared to the regular market) but it was nice to visit the orchard. we took home a bag of apples and i made this pie.

it was possibly the best pie i have ever tasted.


erin said...

Oh my god...can you not even bake a simple pie without it turning out totally gorgeous?! It's like when I first met you, and went to your apartment with Andrew. Me: "oh, that's a really great-looking futon." You: "oh, thanks. I made it myself." What next? Are you going to build a house?
Oh yeah...I guess that's sort where the degree in architecture fits in. Seriously, though, thanks for adding beauty to the world. It's surely needed.

cake said...

maybe i should say here that the wheat pattern on the top of the pie is something my mother taught me. she told me that her mother had always done it on her pies, and that she always slashed the crust with such grace and seemingly effortless elegance. i have been trying to master it ever since.