05 September 2008

cosmo sez...

cosmo: turn over your back, i give you a little backscratch.
mama: ok, thanks cosmo.
cosmo: (scratching my back) i'm a woman.
mama: why are you a woman?
cosmo: i like to be a woman. it's tuesday (it actually was tuesday).
this next one is a rather common request:

"i wanna lie down on your boob--i wanna lie down on your breast.
no, the other second breast!"
from a while ago:

"sometimes, i get bummed"

from a couple of days ago:

"C-O-S-M-O, cosmo. i wanna write my name!"
below is his attempt (i helped him with the "s" he did the rest on his own).

and then he made this drawing of himself and nani at the pool and the sun (this is a detail).

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