16 September 2008

windy indy

the remnants of ike swept through here on sunday. the high winds knocked down a lot of trees, and big branches, resulting in hundreds of thousands of power outages throughout the state. ours went out at around 1pm sunday, and just now came back on (tuesday). our entire city was not flooded, or otherwise in utter chaos like galveston, or houston, where so many of our dearest friends live. we felt extremely lucky. shawna had some freezer space for our frozen summer harvest (her power was on), and that was really all i was worried about. otherwise, it was just a slight inconvenience.

we had some fun doing bedtime stories by candlelight, and outdoor shaving for carl (the bathroom was really dark). we spent a lot of time explaining to cosmo what it meant to have the power off. he'd ask to listen to a cd, or look at marble mazes on youtube, and we'd say, "no cosmo, the power is out, so those things don't work. anything that plugs-in doesn't work. try turning on the TV." he'd go press the button on the TV, and it wouldn't come on. then i suggested he try his piano, to see if it still worked. he ran over and plunked a few keys, and his face lit up with delight. later, he got out his marbles, and i heard him say "yep. the marbles still roll."

we saw the crews show up to deal with the downed line on our block, so we walked over to watch. i pointed out where all the lines went to the houses from the main line that was out. when we got to our house, cosmo traced our line, and our next door neighbor's. lessons in infrastructure.


Actchy said...

"yep, the marbles still roll." Wise beyond his years.

MEP said...

I'm glad your summer harvest was safe!

I too love the observation about the marbles.

marcia said...

love the posts. been enjoyin' them all summer. just can't believe cosmo. hey. why not surprise chuck and hank and the gang and appear at their housewarming/b-day party this weekend. yes? i'll pay you for some of those jars of jam, so bring some if you come. xo