17 October 2008


it is not halloween yet, but autumn is in full swing around here. probably the most photogenic time of year. i made cosmo this witch hand puppet, and while it may look like the felted wool head was the hardest part, it was not. my first two attempts at the body (the part where the hand goes), failed miserably. i'd made it out of prefab craft-felt sheets, with some cute hand stitching. the first one was just too tiny for my hand, and cosmo couldn't get it to work either. so, i made another just like it, only bigger, and it was incredibly awkward (almost painful) to get it to move in a remotely life-like way. after looking around online for some images of puppets, i decided to scrap the felt-hand-stitched style altogether, and pattern the body off of my hand, in "puppet position." the shape is funny, but it works great. i think i want to replace the cape material with some black toule, but i didn't have any on hand. most importantly, cosmo enjoys visiting with her.

we took cosmo to this bizarre place on the edge of town called the haunted train. we didn't want to take him to a haunted house because his relationship to "scary" is quite unpredictable these days. but we'd driven by this place, and it looked like something we had to check out. turns out, it is a train museum, open year round, and they have a haunted house on weekend nights in october. so we just drove out there on a sunday afternoon, met the owner, and wondered around. one could imagine how terrifying this place would be at night, with a sound track and some black lights, but in broad day light, it was just strange.

it felt like being backstage at the magic show, with all the secrets revealed. cosmo would walk by a "zombie" in a coffin and he'd say "oh, that's SCARY, too" but was clearly not scared. and he'd ask questions like "why all those babies in that water? why that water's red?" reasonable questions, if you ask me.

our next door neighbors have a rope swing, made all the more fun with a pile of leaves to fall into:

lastly, i got the bright idea to make cosmo a mudhole to play in before it gets too cold. the morning i went out to dig it, he was so excited, he got into it in his pajamas!


Actchy said...

I find your puppet witch fundamentally appealing. As opposed to, for example, Granny Creeps, the witch from my childhood, who did nothing but scare the living daylights out of me.

Abby said...

Hi Kate, it's Abby (Avery's mom and dentist recommender)I thought I recognized you from your comment on Craft Knife! I love your blog. You have so many beautiful photos and I've enjoyed taking a glimpse into your lovely family life.

Love the puppet. I have a blog, but it's private. I'll send you an invite to your email if you are interested. Hope to see you around!

Anonymous said...

You made that witch puppet?! And several variation?? Wow, you're seriously talented. I've never made a puppet for my kids (I have, however, drawn an Anakin Skywalker mask for them, so I feel like I'm off the hook).

MEP said...

The mud pile looks like a lot of fun!

Heather said...

Oh my god, I want to be your kid - whose mom makes them a mud hole????? Awesome.