31 October 2008

happy halloween!

we've been doing a halloween countdown with a lift-the-flap calendar i made for cosmo. i thought it would be good way to begin to get a sense time passing (how long is it between days?), if cosmo could count off each day leading up to something he's looking forward to. it is sort of like an advent calendar, no chocolate though, just a sticker. i could not have predicted how much he would love this activity. he gets so excited every day when he realizes, "i didn't do my calendar today!" He delights in lifting the flap, and is thrilled with whatever picture is underneath. i plan to do one for november (his birthday month) and december.

he decided on being a bumble bee this year. some of you may recall that cosmo's interest in bees goes way back. i was looking forward to making a costume, but we found this bee at a thrift store, so, why bother? i did add a stinger (at his request), and ended up putting hook fasteners on it when the zipper broke. it fits, it is warm, and comfortable enough to wear all day, which is what he did yesterday, for the party at school. he put on in the morning and did not take it off until bedtime! he got a lot of smiles at kroger. these are some shots from a halloween party on sunday.

cosmo also helped out with pumpkin carving. he kept saying "ewww! disgusting!" when he was pulling out the pumpkin guts, but he had a smile on his face most of the time.

he also drew the nose and mouth, which turned out better than any of my designs for the past few years.


Abby said...

great idea with the calendar! that's a great way for him to count down the days. time is such a huge concept for these little guys to grasp.

the bee costume is super cute! i love the stinger!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, I loved advent calendars as a kid and in fact still do. Do you guys watch Jon Stewart? We don't have a tv but have been watching him on the internet (a day late, but who cares) and a few days ago he pulled out an advent calendar for the remaining days to go before the election...hilarious....

Sarah and Jack said...

He is a most darling little bee! And I love that he asked for a stinger.