26 August 2009

farm tour

saturday was the farm tour, at the farm where we get our milk and eggs.

it was a gorgeous, cool, overcast day. they had a hay ride, and chicken coops made of old school buses. the chickens were running around everywhere under-foot, clucking a high-volume, eerie sounding, collective "coo."

cosmo found it all very amusing, and dove right in to collect eggs.

we watched the cows being driven from the field for milking.
cosmo seemed genuinely awestruck by the mechanical milking process .

he got within kicking distance of a goat that was being hand-milked, and another one approached him to say hello.

nani has taught him how to do the texas longhorns "hook 'em horns,"

but these indiana cows didn't get it.

couldn't resist photographing this spider web.

the hay bales, covered in white plastic, looked like giant caterpillars.


julie said...

How freakin' awesome! Will would have loved that. And that spiderweb picture? Is amazing.

Where on earth is this farm from heaven? I TOTALLY want milk and eggs from there now, too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I want to know where you get your milk too!

Funny but when they have to collect eggs daily, the kids seem to lose their fascination with the process. ;)

We still go back on forth on whether we want to raise goats for milk or not...so much work, but we would love to have fresh goat cheese!

mep said...

It's a beautiful, magical life. I adore your photo essays.

Marcia said...

beautiful tribute to your life! you amaze me. i love cosmo's expression when he sees the mechanical milking. i felt the same way the first time i saw it done!

Abby said...

where is the farm???!!! incredible!

Actchy said...

I can't stop looking at the photo of Cosmo, looking at the mechanical milking machine.