24 August 2009


while humming mickey-mouse-club-song (ol' school), eating chickpeas, and playing with a fading balloon, cosmo drops the following questions on me:

i wanna know who i am.

i mean, how did i be this person?

how does everybody turn into people?

how do they be theyselves?

how do they grow?

all i could manage in response was to tell him that they were excellent questions.


Heather said...

Goodness me. Wouldn't we like to know. Keep us posted as he puzzles on this one...!


Robin said...

Love this!

Malke said...

I think you did well to not feel like you had to have a response right away. Those are amazing, stunning questions. This is a boy who really wants to know, in the deepest sense. Wow.

Abby said...

you have a little deep thinker.

it almost breaks my heart, the questions avery has about the world. sometimes i feel unprepared to answer things and i think it's okay to explain that grown-ups don't always have all the answers.

you and cosmo will find out together.

chck jcksn said...

he takes after his uncle chuck this way.

cake said...

yes chuck, he sure does.

Anna said...