07 January 2009

dirty snowman

we woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground. carl says it's rather pathetic. it barely covers the grass. but it's great snowman making snow--wet and sticky.

the cheeks were cosmo's idea.

right now carl and cosmo are sitting by the window, with snow falling outside, working on a difficult puzzle, munching on carrot sticks from our garden carrots (we still have tons!).

snow day.


MEP said...

Bub has been itching to make his own dirty snowman, but I haven't wanted to take the baby outside . . . I really love the cheek implants, very L.A.

MEP said...

All of your supportive comments on my posts are making my night! Thank you. I've been searching my email because I thought I had your address, but I can't locate it. I wanted to say more about some of your great comments.

Robin said...

I tagged you in the most recent most on my blog:


Do I owe you an apology?