15 January 2009

woke up to below zero temperatures today. our house is warm, and our car runs.
our neighborhood is not being bombed. we are very fortunate.

read this.



Anonymous said...

I so agree!!! No, really, I wake up to NPR's Morning Edition, and I am so grateful every morning that I have all that I have (safe home, my health, etc.)

BTW, I posted a reply to you in my comments, but thought I'd come here and post it too, in case you don't get around to going back and checking (I'm really about about doing that myself):

"Cake, I got the cooling rack at Goods For Cooks (back during old management days though).

I made the buttercream frosting that came with Magnolia Bakery cupcake recipe (link in my post ...once you get to the cupcake recipe page, the icing recipe is at the bottom)."

julie said...

We woke up this morning with our pipes frozen, even with the heat turned on and a faucet dripping--we still get to feel sorry for ourselves, right?

I can't listen to the news anymore, because the babies pick up on it. But yesterday in the car by myself(!) on the way to Curves I heard the report on the attorney general hearings, and when he said, "Yes, I do believe that water-boarding is torture," I surprised myself by bursting into tears.

I am so excited about our new administration.

cake said...

julie--oh! that sucks! we did not leave our water running, took a chance i guess. yes, you DO get to feel sorry for yourselves, and if there's anyway we can help, please let me know. seriously. kayte8 at geemail dot com. we are here all day.

i know what you mean about the girls picking up on it. we listen to NPR regularly, and the other day cosmo said "they talkin' 'bout gunfire, mama. they talkin' 'bout gunfire." broke my heart.

i was freaking out last night when we were listening to some of responses in that hearing. it just highlights how fucked up things have been for so long, that we are thrilled to get a direct response to a direct question! not to mention a response that i agree with!

teresa- thanks for the recipe reminder. i may actually make this for my little guy today. can't hurt to have the oven on, on a day like today.

Abby said...

i can't have the news on either. even shmoozy morning shows have t.m.i.

i am hoping for a big change.