29 January 2009

snow eater

since the day he first saw snow, cosmo's favorite thing to do with it is eat it.

sometimes you can distract him with stuff like snowball throwing, making a snowman, or even sledding.

usually though, all wintry activities culminate in the eating of snow.
once everyone's back inside, wet clothes stripped off, warming up-- what's first on the agenda?

snow ice cream, of course! here's how we make it:
  1. scoop up the freshest, cleanest looking snow you can find, in a big bowl
  2. quickly add some whole milk and pure maple syrup (you'll know when you've got enough)
  3. stir it up until it reaches the consistency you like
  4. eat quickly, it melts fast!
and the good news is, if it does melt, you can always drink it.


Abby said...

awesome! avery LOVES to eat snow too! in fact, i caught him eating snow off the CAR. he was all, "um...i like salty snow mommy!"

i will totally be making this TODAY!

Actchy said...

Are you familiar with the "Free To Be, You and Me" album? (As I mentioned over at Not to brag.., I've been listening to it quite a bit as of late.) In "Glad to Have a Friend Like You", Marlo Thomas sings about a snow ice cream recipe. I never thought it would work? I stand corrected.

Robin said...

I have fond memories of snow ice cream and have always wondered about the recipe. Thanks!