09 July 2009

home sweet home*

a few lines that could be heard from our reunion, which turned out to involve lots of physical play and more "wrastling" than i'm used to:

cosmo: you are a big women turtle...that can talk!

mama: aaaaghh! i am not a pillow, i'm a person!

cosmo: your arm is an elevator.

cosmo: i love spending time with you, mama.

mama: i love spending time with you too, cosmo.

i truly relished my time alone. i gardened for longer stretches of time than i ever get to. i goofed off, read, and let the dishes pile up in the sink.

as sweet as it was, i was ecstatic to see my two guys when they pulled up in the driveway.

*carl and i watched a mike leigh movie last night called home sweet home. not as cheery as the title sounds, but, if you know mike leigh films, you already knew that...


mep said...

Cool picture, "big women turtle." Glad your boys are safely home.

Anonymous said...

You are such a great mother!!!! And just think how worried you were about EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you Cake..


julie said...

How long did you get alone time? I have this weird push-pull thing in which I want Matt to take the girls on a three-day weekend to visit his grandma so that I can be alone, and yet I also do NOT want them to leave me. And for crazy reasons, like what if they all die in a car accident and I'm not there, too? Ugh.

cake said...

thanks mep and dee dee.

julie, i have mixed feelings about it too. i felt so completely confident about carl taking him to his brother's place in KY, that i was able to relax about it, and just enjoy the time. it was 2 nights, almost 3 days. the time flew by, as you can imagine, and i think it was healthy for all of us.