23 July 2009


cosmo missed the taste test at his parent's day out summer camp. they were spending the week exploring various aspects of tropical rain forests. they set up a taste test of some tropical foods, and then graphed the results on a chart. cosmo was sad to see his name on the chart, but no results. he went home early that day, and missed it. he was so distraught, i promised him that we would do it at home, and bring in our results. the day we bought the stuff, and were planning to do it, he was so anxious to get to it, that when i insisted on a slight delay, to stop by julie's to pick up some tadpole food, he resisted, and while we were there, visiting ever-so-briefly with julie and willow, he threatened me with a fork in my face, whispering through clenched teeth "lets just GO!" embarrassing, to say the least.

the test itself though, was a lot of fun for all of us. we bought a whole coconut, and cosmo got to crack it open.

while it was the most interesting object in the test, the coconut was the only thing we all agreed tasted bad. raw, unsweetened coconut is almost putrid. i'm not kidding.
everything else got a thumbs up, especially the chocolate (duh!).


Abby said...

our kids can embarrass us like nobody else, don't you think? poor little guy wanted the grown-ups to wrap it up so that he could get to the IMPORTANT suff!

uncle said...

good thing the mango didn't trigger and allergy!

uncle said...

oops -- "an" allergy. not "and."

julie said...

Man, I totally missed the fork in the face comment! I would have LOVED that!