22 July 2009

two mysteries

mystery no. 1:
who steals strollers from people's yards? our jogging stroller is gone. we are all very sad about it. we rarely use a stroller anymore, but when we do, we use the jogging stroller. it's a smooth ride, easy to handle, and was a sweet gift from warren, before he had a little one of his own. cosmo started crying when he realized it was gone. i get a little teary myself every time i think about it. the audacity! we had a plastic toddler slide stolen from our yard last year, and i heard that sydney's trike was taken from julie's yard! WHO DOES THIS? arrrrggh!

mystery no. 2:
who had a beekeeping supplies catalog sent to us? come on, fess up! it was addressed to "Cosmo & C & K Young," and i have never ordered anything under that particular configuration of our names. so, i can only conclude that someone thought we should have this info, and had it sent to us. carl was alarmed when he pulled it out of the mail box. he said, "is there something you aren't telling me? is a hive about to arrive on our doorstep?" pretty funny.
we aren't ready for beekeeping yet, but someday...someday.


mep said...

The audacity, indeed. I suppose you could check to see if someone is trying to sell it on Craig's List or be on the lookout around town. However, if I went that route, I would end up becoming even more upset over the situation. So sorry that happened.

Perhaps whomever sent the beekeeping catalogue is also sending a hive and was just trying to get you all excited.

julie said...

Ended well, and you got to be famous! In the Bryan Park Neighborhood Association Newsletter!

Ugh, Will still cries about that tricycle.

I didn't send you the catalogue, but I totally want a look at it. Willow almost has me talked into looking into an urban chicken flock and a couple of angora rabbits this winter.

cake said...

i skimmed the newsletter, and totally didn't even catch that the incident was mentioned! thanks for pointing it out.