28 July 2009

old red returns

we got the stroller back! through the wonders of the bryan park neighborhood association listserv, our beloved stroller has come home. on a whim, i sent an email out, and one of the neighbors, a few blocks away, had found our stroller. we met half way to make the exchange (i gave her one of the brandywine tomatoes from our garden, to thank her for her kindness). we concluded that it had probably been taken for a joy ride by big kid with a skinny but. one of my zip-tie repairs was broken, which tells me that someone a little too heavy was sitting in the seat. in any case, we are so happy to have it back.

in other news, we moved into our new place, across the street from our old place. it is a bigger house, and a better house, yet we are paying significantly less rent. one of our favorite features is the screened in porch in the back. there is also ample garden space, which i have already planted for a fall garden.

after what seems likes weeks and weeks of schlepping stuff across the street, we are finally all the way out of the old house, and carl and i are taking it easy today. our dear friends shawna, lara and kevin made the official "moving day" possible, but their help came at the price of my utter embarrassment for the thousands of boxes of crap that i continue to haul around. would i ever miss that box labled "arch 346 student papers" were it to somehow disappear? the answer is no, and i hereby vow to eliminate many boxes of that nature prior to our next move.*

more on the new place once we get more settled.

*(exact number of boxes to be determined at a later date)


Anonymous said...

Glad you found your stroller!

Moving often helps one to see how much crap one's been hoarding for years. ;)

um_shisha? said...