08 February 2009

muscial genius

i hate to be one of these parents whose all like, "ohmygod! look what my kid can do!"
but...well...oh my god! look what my kid can do!
he's been working on the piano for a while now (about a year), and this week, he made the leap. he had the ah-ha moment, and now he can follow along to music (if the letters are printed above the notes) and play it on the keys, if the letters are on the keys. and, best of all, he loves it. it is all self motivated. he sits down several times a day, on his own, and works on stuff. he's very pleased when he can play songs that he recognizes, but also still enjoys improvising, and just pounding on the keys. i just posted a bunch of videos on youtube, of his process, but here is one from the day he got it:


Anonymous said...

I love those ah-ha moments when the light bulb goes on and the child blossoms!

Good job!!

Malke said...

So cool!

Robin said...

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Abby said...

This is awesome! He has amazing concentration!!! I'm so impressed! My brother plays piano and showed great interest from a very early age. At age five he could hear a song, and figure it out on piano. He has composed many songs, starting from the time he was a little tiny boy. I think YOU have a budding musician on your hands!

mep said...

The smile at the end is even sweeter than the rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle," if that's possible. Loved it!