11 February 2009

some new things


these are valentines for cosmo's classmates, and a few relatives. i'll call the work a collaboration. we spent some time, over the past few weeks, punching out hearts from various papers i'd selected (some valentine-y, some not). i did some, cosmo did some. cosmo practiced his scissor-work on a drawing he'd done on pink construction paper. he assembled all of the collages himself. though i applied most of the glue, he picked out what he wanted from our collection, and he decided where to put it. sure, i orchestrated the whole thing, kept him on task today, until we had 14 new cards to bring to school tomorrow, but mostly, cosmo made these valentines. i am quite impressed with his creations.


Abby said...

these are GREAT! avery is giving out the same lollipops tomorrow. :)

Anna said...

What a sweet little voice! :)

And~ I finally made the mozzarella. And it's awful. Ha! I'm going to try again and see if I can't fix what I think went wrong...

cake said...

anna, so sorry to hear the mozarella turned out badly. would love to hear how it goes next time.
one thing i know is that you can't use "ultra pasteurized" milk, which is what you mostly find in the store.
good luck!

julie said...

I love them! I really love how Cosmo's name looks on the inside--was it stamped? Because that font is great.

I read the post showing off SouleMama's kids' Valentines, and they wrote their little Valentine messages with an old-school typewriter, and now I want an old-school typewriter, too, because that font? Wowsers.

cake said...

julie, his name was stamped. i got that set of letter stamps at target, in the dollar section. i was so excited to see them there, i bought two sets. i just tape the letters of cosmo's name together, so he can stamp it himself.

the old school typewriter is a great idea. i've been looking for one, just for cosmo to play on, since he's really drawn to the ones they have out at SOMA.