11 February 2009

some/thing old

i'm a little behind with robin's blog carnival (robin of the other mother). in celebration of freedom to marry week, i'll post.

something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue

today, i'm posting something old. i found this quilt at an antique store in our neighborhood. it cost me $35.

it reminds me of a hand stitched quilt my great grandmother made, which i no longer have. the one my great grandmother made was only two colors: pink and white. this one has, as the petals of the flowers, samples of wonderful patterned fabric (is that flour sack fabric?) i know very little about quilts. but i know what i like in a work of art. the art that i have in my home needs to be something that i can study for years and years, and always find something new--or a new way of looking at it. this quilt fits the bill. we have this on our bed, and i just love looking at it. it makes me think, and it brings me pleasure.


Sarah and Jack said...

well, I know the name of the pattern, it's Missouri Daisy. I can't tell if they are feedsacks from the one flower you have a close up of, they might be, but I am having a hard time dating that sashing color.

cake said...

that is so great that you were looking at this, as i was pointing you to it! and, so cool that you know the name of the pattern. adore this pattern. it is more complex than it appears, at first glance.

i know the photos aren't very good, i may take some more and either post them, or send them to you. the color is kind of a golden mustard. i love it. glad you took a look.