13 February 2009

something borrowed

continuing with robin's blog carnival (albeit, a day late on all of them), i submit to you something borrowed. i borrowed the idea (and template) from family fun magazine, and the materials are "borrowed" from the trash. it's a coin purse made from an orange juice carton! i like the clever use of the cap to keep the purse closed.

it's quite easy to make, the trickiest part is the accordion folds on the sides, because at certain points, you are scoring and folding against already existing creases. but, it works quite nicely, if you score heavily with a butter knife (or, if you are lucky enough to have a bone folder, use that. mine has sadly disappeared). the instructions say that a craft knife is optional, but i don't know how you'd make this without one. in fact, i am not sure how i'd even live without my trusty exacto knife. not happily, i can assure you.

next i'm making one out of a half gallon half & half carton. given how important half & half is to our everyday lives around here, i have a feeling i'm going to like it best of all. cosmo suggested we keep our bus money in there. great idea.


julie said...

Ooh, I've been totally wanting to make that wallet from Family Fun, too! I'm glad to have your real-live tips before I begin, now.

I can't figure out how I feel about Family Fun--the stuff in it is either really cool or really cheezy, so that I'm either, "That's awesome!" or embarassed to be reading it.

cake said...

yeah, i totally feel like my mom when i read family fun, but there are good crafts in there, on occasion.